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We take the hassle out of having portraits done. Rather than having to gather the whole family together and get them to the studio, we bring the studio to YOU!

We offer traditional portraits right in the comfort of your own home with a large selection of backdrops available. Our portable backdrop and lighting fit just fine into most average living rooms.

If you have a hobby or passion, we also create environmental portraits showcasing the activity that you love! We are also happy to do on-location photography such as photographing your child in the park or the new graduate on the campus. Imagination in the only limitation!

With the ability to change outfits, touch up your make-up and have your child's favorite toy right in the photo, you'll get memories that can't be matched by a regular studio.

You'll choose up to five poses and we'll retouch them for you all for one low price!

Please check out the Important Stuff, Examples and Pricing pages for more detailed information.

Darkroom Imaging
We are pleased to recommend Darkroom Imaging for prints. Fantastic quality, service and prices!


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Portrait Tips:

Did you know that if all of the family members are wearing the same color, your portraits will look better? We know that you will love the results!

You can have outfit changes during this shoot so plan ahead and have a couple of changes ready!

Choosing the right time when your baby and children are happy and smiling is important. For example a good time for babies is just after a feed and after a meal or snack is a great time for children.

If your baby is napping don’t worry! Some of the cutest photos can be taken when your baby is sleeping.

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