Stuff that you need to know:

Payment for the basic package is due at the time of your protrait session.

Instructions for choosing your photos:

On the right click the green box that says “Looking for your proofs?” You will be brought to a page to put in your username and password. The username and password are case sensitive.

You may now view your proofs. When you click directly onto a photo it will pop up in the middle of the screen. Click the wording at the top of the photos to verify that photo if you wish to select that particular one. If you do not wish to select that photo click on the black "x" on the corner of the photo to view a different one. When you click the wording to select a photo a second box will pop up asking you to verify your choice.

Once you are finished with your selections you will scroll to the top of the page and click "finalize selections." This brings you to a page where you can either change your selections if you made a mistake or changed your mind, or you can finalize your selections. Click finalize selections once you are done selecting your photos.

Keep in mind that 5 photos are included with the $75.00 you already paid. If you wish to select more than 5 they are an additional $10.00 each. If you want to select more than 5 photos now include them in your initial selections. If you want to only select 5 photos and purchase more photos at a later date let us know so we can keep the photos online for you.

We also offer all of the photos taken at your portrait session (un-retouched and not resized) on DVD for an additional $125.00.

Feel free to call 315.841.3113 or email us with any questions.

Traditional Portraiture:

Like the photos that you see that come from Walmart, Sears or JC Penny, our portable backdrop allows us to create the same style of photo in your own home!

Not only do families find it easier to gather at someone's home, but children are much more relaxed in familiar surroundings. All of this adds up to more natural smiles and better photos.

Some children are more comfortable with a favorite toy in hand. Other may relax if they are allowed to be photographed making some silly faces. Think about the things that help your child relax and you will get better smiles.

Environmental Portraiture:

Does Mom love gardening, Dad fishing, Daughter ice skating, and Son football? Having some of these things incorporated into your photos will help you to remember what you loved to do in that time in your life. Taking a few minutes to gather some props will help make your photos unique.

Don't forget the location! A photo of Dad with his fishing pole is much more memorable beside a pituresque stream than in your living room. There's a chance that we won't know your area very well. Please take some time to choose some locations before the day of your appointment. A few examples of natural backdrops are:

  • An old barn
  • Streams or ponds
  • A wooded lot
  • Flowers in either a garden or a field
  • Any location that is special to a member of your family

In the event of bad weather on the date of your outdoor session, we will be happy to reschedule.

Time Frame:

For traditional portraits, we will be in your home for a maximum of two hours from the time that we are done setting up until we begin to tear down. During this time will take at least 100 photos to ensure that we capture exactly what you are looking for. If required, we can stay longer for an additional fee.

For environmental portraits, the two hour limit still applies. Since environmental portraits require less equipment, we are able to shoot in a variety of locations of your choice.

Setup/Teardown Policy for Traditional Portraiture:

If you have children and/or animals we want you to keep in mind that we are not just showing up with a camera. We are also bringing lights, stands, and backdrops. We are showing you a lot of trust by bringing all of our equipment into your home. While not being photographed, we would prefer that toddlers, young children, and animals be kept in another room. We appreciate your help in keeping our pricing low by not having to replace broken equipment.

Coverage Area:

We are pleased to serve individuals and families living in Oneida, Herkimer and Madison Counties. Please take a look at the map below for a visual reference. If you live in another county in New York, please contact us to discuss travel fees.


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Portrait Tips:

Did you know that if all of the family members are wearing the same color, your portraits will look better? We know that you will love the results!

You can have outfit changes during this shoot so plan ahead and have a couple of changes ready!

Choosing the right time when your baby and children are happy and smiling is important. For example a good time for babies is just after a feed and after a meal or snack is a great time for children.

If your baby is napping don’t worry! Some of the cutest photos can be taken when your baby is sleeping.

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